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Puddle Ducks Franchise

Founded in 2002 by Tracy Townend and Jo Stone, Puddle Ducks is a friendly informal children’s swimming group.

Puddle Ducks Franchise

Company History

Founded in 2002 by Tracy Townend and Jo Stone, Puddle Ducks is a friendly informal children’s swimming group. The two co-founders met at an ante-natel class and simultaneously spotted a gap in the market. These goal driven entrepreneurs have pursued their ambition to succeed in business and have achieved success. An important lesson the pair learned along the way was striking the balance between work life and home life.

After creating a thorough business plan from extensive research and training, Puddle Ducks was formed. The brand aims to have a fun and friendly approach to aquatics. The brand name was created after looking into the animal and seeing its clothing style. Tracy and Jo aimed to bring their vision of the brand to the entirety of the UK.

Since then, the business has expanded to be able to teach 20,000 children and babies to swim at any one time. In this process the children become confident and safe in water. This is carried out over a network of franchises dedicated to the cause.

Puddle Ducks mission, vision and values are clear and at the heart of everything the business does. Their passion for swimming and improving children’s confidence is visible in every aspect of the company.

Investment Cost

The initial franchise fee to start up this business is £24,000.

Why Puddle Ducks?

Puddle Ducks mission is to teach children to swim while helping them love and respect the water.

Initial Training Period

The training program takes 6 months to complete and become fully qualified.



Franchise Fee : £24,000

Minimum investment : £5,000

Total investment.: £24,000

Inital Training:   6 months

Year Established:  2002

Why Puddle Ducks?

Puddle Ducks mission is to teach children to swim while helping them love and respect the water. The standards maintained in all classes and throughout the business are very high due to their unique approach.

As the UKs only swimming classes that are led solely for children and babies, this company provides a world-class product. The expert team providing help and guidance throughout this opportunity will be with you every step of the way for you to take advice and draw expertise from. In addition, Puddle Ducks are multiple-awards winners. The financial benefit from a Puddle Ducks franchise is also fantastic, for example, in 2017/2018 the established franchisees made over £100,000 in profit.

This business opportunity with Puddle Ducks is an extremely rewarding and fulfilling experience. When owning a franchise, you are your own boss, so you can amend your working hours around your schedule. If this is something you’re looking to do, then Puddle Ducks is a fantastic opportunity to do so whilst being surrounded by a supportive network.


Business Visibility 

Puddle Ducks was founded in 2002 and then went on to expand into the franchise industry in 2007. Currently, the business is only UK based with 34 units.

In addition to helping children and babies swim independently, Puddle Ducks teaches life skills to over 20,000 toddlers in pre-school and primary school every week. With this opportunity, no previous experience is needed, however when taking on this franchise opportunity you will begin by teaching in the water yourself. This allows you to fully immerse yourself in the Puddle Ducks customer experience.

Then you would aim to build out a team who take ownership of the teaching and swimming with the children. This frees you up to manage and expand your business.


The training and qualifications needed before passing the program is extensive. The training program takes 6 months to complete and become fully qualified. The standards as set out by the Swimming Teachers Association (STA) must be fully adhered to. After 14.5 days in a classroom based learning environment you will progress to practical training. The initial training program is based in Cheshire, then on site training in your franchises own territory is provided.

In addition, 10 further days of self study will be required. This includes market leading material such as training and operations manuals that need to be revised. Then the robust business model gives your new franchise a centralised online advertising platform as well as promotional leaflets and posters.

At Puddle Ducks the art of communication is key to a thriving franchise, it is crucial that both parties feel heard. This platform provides an opportunity to ensure brand values are abided by. The entire franchise network receives weekly updates and news on there are Facebook forums so you can connect with other Puddle Ducks franchise owners for help and support.

Investment Cost 

The initial franchise fee to start up this business is £24,000. Then, you will be required to input a minimum of £5,000 of your own money as an investment. However, the total investment amount still totals to £24,000. You will enter into an initial contract of 5 years to guarantee your commitment to the business.

The capital made from the business should be available to pay for costs such as pool hire. After this, Puddle Ducks franchises can be sustained on their own for 12-24 months without falling back on business income.

Puddle Ducks Awards 

Puddle ducks is one of two franchises based in the UK to ever be awarded the Work Buzz ‘5 Star Franchise Satisfaction Award’ 6 years in a row! In addition to this phenomenal achievement, Puddle ducks has won 4 awards in 2019 alone, including:

  • WorkBuzz Continuous Improvement Award
  • 5* Franchisee Satisfaction 2019
  • EWIF Overall Woman in Franchising Award
  • EWIF Woman Franchisor of the Year Award

Further to this, Puddle Ducks were finalists for several other awards in 2019, including:


  • EWIF Inspirational Woman in Franchising Award
  • Franchise Direct Top 100 Franchises in the UK
  • Elite Franchise’s Top 100

Puddle Ducks Franchise Opportunity 

The opportunity of owning your very own Puddle Ducks franchise is a world-class venture in itself. This is most suited to individuals who are passionate about the brand and ambition to succeed in business. Not only that but this is best suited to individuals who are seeking a rewarding career.

Each franchise owner has their individual background, from midwives to swimming teachers, but they’re all aligned by Puddle Duck’s business objectives.

This franchise opportunity is right for you is you’re hard working and ambitious while wanting to fill your entire potential. Franchise owners typically start reaching in the water, but we want you poolside as quickly as possible, enabling you to grow your franchise with our experience.


“When I discovered the earning potential of a Puddle Ducks business and how well supported
franchisees are, I couldn’t think of anything I would rather do. I’m very proud to put my name to this
business that I get so much from, both as a customer and now as a member of ‘the family’.” – Kim Pinnington

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Puddle Ducks Franchise What You Get?

A Swimming group franchisee pays an initial fee up front & any ongoing royalties to a franchisor. In return, the Puddle Ducks franchisee gains the use of the branded & trademark, full ongoing support from the franchisor, and the full right to use the Puddle Ducks franchisor’s system of doing business and sell its products or services.

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