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Action Coach Franchise

ActionCOACH provides coaching solutions for every company in every business sector imaginable.

ActionCOACH Franchise

Transform your local Business Community…

ActionCOACH provides coaching solutions for every company in every business sector imaginable. Over the years, the business has expanded to over 1,000 offices in more than 80 countries. ActionCOACH has delivered a multitude of coaching and development systems to thousands of clients for over 25 years.

ActionCOACH goes above and beyond for its customers and clients. In the last few years alone, the business has gained more recognition, helped more companies and received more awards than any coaching company worldwide!

In 2013, ActionCOACH became the first recipient of Smith & Henderson’s prestigious 5-Star Franchisee Satisfaction Status and went on to achieve this every year since, making ActionCOACH the first to achieve the 5-Star Franchisee Satisfaction status seven times making it one of the most successful and fulfilling franchise opportunities out there.

Investment Cost

The initial franchise investment to start up this business is £18,000.

Why ActionCOACH?

Find out what is likely to make the business fail or succeed in your specific industry and implement management tools necessary to ensure it is the later of the two – business success!

Initial Training Period

When you start building your very own ActionCOACH franchise, there are 70 days of learning opportunities all included.



Franchise Fee : £31,000

Minimum investment : £18,000

Total investment.: £69,000

Inital Training:   70 days

Year Established:  1993

About ActionCOACH

By becoming a franchise partner you’ll be invited to a world of knowledge, experience, and an exclusive and guaranteed business model that’s recession-proof. As an Action Coach you will transform the local business community. Think about local business owners you know… chances are they set up their business because they were an expert in that field, but does that make them great at managing people, managing finances, sales, marketing, and systems. That’s where ActionCOACH comes into play…

You and your team will work with business owners, helping them in several areas including; teaching them how to increase their profits, develop powerful systems and how to build a strong team. The results are not only a more profitable and sustainable business, but also a dramatically improved life for your client – now more than ever we need to ensure every business owner has an Action Coach in their local community.

You and your team will receive world class training with global, national and local support every step of the way and have access to over 3,500 strategies and tactics, guaranteed to make businesses successful, including your own!


Join the Team!

Learn how to build your own commercial, profitable £1 million a year business with ActionCOACH and make a real difference to thousands of people in your own exclusive area. You’ll need to buy into ActionCOACH’s 14-point culture, raise a personal contribution of at least £18k (up to 80% finance is available) and impress our directors with your past successes, your desire to help others and appetite for learning and growth.

Business Visibility 

ActionCOACH was founded in 1993 in Australia, then in 2002 expanded into the UK and now has over 200 franchise partners.

As a world leading business coaching firm ActionCOACH strives to provide each franchise partner with all the tools and processes necessary to achieve their goals, both personally and professionally. The training provided ensures business success and is extensive in areas such as marketing, recruitment and team building.

Not sure if you’ve got what it takes? Franchise owners come from different backgrounds and areas with different skills, but this is what makes the company great! With a wide variety of skills and knowledge all the business’s franchise owners have one thing in common… they like to help people and love learning and developing themselves.


You and your team will receive world-class training and every year receive over 70 days of learning and support, such as seminars, lectures, and further training in addition to the 1 on 1 coaching you get from a senior coach. ActionCOACH’s client generation centre is also there to assist you in getting leads.

Investment Cost 

The initial franchise investment to start up this business is £18,000. However, this is a minimum investment, and a total franchise fee of £31,000 would be required. Furthermore, a total investment of £69,000 would be necessary to start your own ActionCOACH franchise. 

 Following investment and meeting the initial requirements and attributes your franchise opportunity is set to reach a £1 million pound turnover by year 11. This is the estimated gross of the business when training and coaching is followed carefully. Further, for quicker growth there are options of one-off investment coaches at a cost of £6,000.

ActionCOACH Awards 

Over it’s 25 year lifetime, ActionCOACH he been accredited with a range of successes and awards, the most notable of which include:

  • 5* franchisee satisfaction status for seven consecutive years
  • Number 1 in the world in the coaching business franchise sector
  • RSB’s best ‘mid-priced’ franchise 2018 and 2019
  • Ranked No.4 in the Elite Franchise Top 100

An Outstanding Opportunity with ActionCOACH

Providing you meet the seven non-negotiable attributes, the investment for an ActionCOACH franchise is £69k and the minimum performance expected is you build your annual net sales to £1 million gradually by year 11. This is something we’ve had a UK franchise owner achieve through just their own personal clients in half the time, but you’ll probably choose to build your revenue with the help of employee business coaches, who we’ll train for you for a one-off investment of £6k per coach.

In return for your investment, you get your own exclusive territory and the opportunity to build your own £1 million a year revenue business
The franchise agreement includes:

  • Exclusive territory with 10,000 client opportunities
  • Hands-on support at your first Seminar get you your first client or two
  • Your own ActionCOACH Mentor to guide you.

PLUS … a complementary bolt-on business opportunity may be available at massively discounted rates as you grow the services of your business:

  • Luv4 Marketing. Digital marketing agency who can provide marketing services to our business owner clients.

ActionCOACH has secured favourable finance terms for the best candidates (for those who want to spread their investment over five years). Up to 80% finance is available, at approx 6% interest rates and up to 1% set up fee; lending decisions will be made within 5 working days, subject to status and Ts & Cs.

Action Coach Reviews

“What’s really important to me is that I’ve found a career which ticks everything on my wish list and more. ActionCOACH’s 14 Points of Culture overlap with the values I wrote down back in Spring 2018. The culture statements aren’t just a list of phrases, you see them walking and talking every time you meet someone in the ActionCOACH family.”

– Jenni Morgan, ActionCOACH Wakefield

“I was financially retired, but the more I looked into ActionCOACH, the more I had to do it to help business owners in Bristol survive and thrive. The fact this is an incredible business opportunity is a bonus … I’ve grown my monthly income from £55,000 to £75,000 in the 3 months since lockdown. ActionCOACH is allowing me to leave a legacy of success for business owners today and tomorrow through transforming their businesses with new knowledge and action.”

– Gary Keating, ActionCOACH Bristol

“When I left the RAF to join ActionCOACH, I had no idea how tough the journey would be. Thankfully, the fantastic Master Licensees and the amazing group of coaches that I work alongside have provided an incredible foundation of support and encouragement that has enabled me to make a great success of my coaching business.

“Looking back to where I started from its almost impossible to see where it all began as I have grown so significantly in confidence, stature and learning every step of the way.

“If you are thinking about taking on a franchise, you won’t find one with better systems and strategies, franchisee support or such an incredible abundance of wisdom and friendship anywhere else.”

– Graham Orange, ActionCOACH franchise partner

“I’ve reached a level of income triple of what I earned in my corporate career. Like any other business, of course, there are peaks and troughs, but I’ve had consistent growth since I launched. But I don’t measure my success on my income – it’s about the results my clients have experienced. My ‘champions’, as I fondly call them, are achieving growth and improved profitability, while getting more personal time out.

“A creative agency improved their profits 300 per cent and got successfully acquired by a publicly listed company. I coach Luke Murfitt in his cleaning business and he’s just been named UK Entrepreneur of the Year. He’s gone from the job centre to winning this award in 22 months, seeing a growth of 650 per cent in his business and bringing 39 mothers back to work – all while going through a personal battle with Parkinson’s. It’s no wonder he won and it was incredible to be part of his journey.”

– Mitali Chopra, ActionCOACH franchise partner

Find the Right Franchise Opportunity

ActionCOACH Franchise What You Get?

A coaching franchisee pays an initial fee up front & any ongoing royalties to a franchisor. In return, the ActionCOACH franchisee gains the use of the branded & trademark, full ongoing support from the franchisor, and the full right to use the ActionCOACH franchisor’s system of doing business and sell its products or services.

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